The Human Mind

In memory of…

So, who are you-if it’s not a reflection of your past?

All the star moments, all the scars blast

Who are you- if not a reflection of your memory?

One split second of amnesia, a thousand decades of lost history

Of lost personality

Of lost clarity

Of gained Novelty…


Memory is just more than facts mere…

Or an input of data through the night, to regurgitate to the mayor

A poem

A song

An art

Scientific facts…

Memory is a conglomeration

It’s a form of identification

Memory is You.


So, who are you-If not you?

Take care of you

And you will forever expand

Memory- a gift – a feature maybe granted to the chosen few

Memory is quite analogous to the Muscle, on the bright side…

Both start with an M-part of their identity

Both can be flexed to maximum strength

Both can be lost- lost existence.

Whatever the world may give, you can only take in as much as you are willing to flex

The more you flex, the more u’ll rest…

The more your niche.

In memory of…

In memory of your memory.

Martin Njagi

Surgeons Path…

One of the most invaluable skill a surgeon has to develop is standing…

Learning how to stand for many hours without tire

Learning how to stand without afaint

Learning how to stand without letting ornaments fall into body cavities

Learning to understand complex procedures

learning to set standards in the OR

But most important is having a strong standpoint…

Martin Njagi

Doctors-Pathological liars?

What exactly is the anatomy of a lie?

Could  be that of a  bone which supports a muscular truth…

Or a tendon,which is inserted into the truth

or it’s just vestigial-only meant to burden  our bodies and mind.


What exactly is the physiology of a lie?

Could be a beat through which our existence takes root…

Or  blood to carry elements of the  fluid truth

Or it’s just a waste product-only meant to burden our bodies and mind.


What exactly is the pathology of a lie?

Could be that of a parasite which eats us within….

Or a bacteria which colonizes our systems

Or it’s  just part of our normal flora, to which we owe our existence.

Martin  Njagi